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About the Twin Cities TOD Website

The Twin Cities TOD website is a one stop source for news and reports on transit-oriented development (TOD) in the Twin Cities. Created with funding from the McKnight Foundation, the Twin Cities TOD website is maintained by the TOD Advisory Committee and the Center for Transit-Oriented Development. To add resources or update information, please contact

About the TOD Toolkit

The TOD Toolkit is a collection of materials (powerpoint presentations and short summaries of topic areas) that can be used together to provide an overview of the central issues, definitions, and policy recommendations that encompass successful TOD from the regional to the neighborhood level.

The materials are designed to be used individually or as a comprehensive basic TOD curriculum, and slides may be taken from different presentations depending on the audience or story that users of the toolkit want to share.

These materials were created by the Center for Transit-Oriented Development with funding from the McKnight Foundation.

About the Center for Transit-Oriented Development


The Center for Transit-Oriented Development (CTOD) is the only national nonprofit effort dedicated to providing best practices, research and tools to support equitable market-based transit-oriented development. CTOD partners with both the public and private market sectors to strategize about ways to encourage the development of high performing communities around transit stations and to build transit systems that maximize development potential. CTOD works to integrate local and regional planning, generate new tools for economic development, real estate and investment issues, improve affordability and livability for all members of the community, and respond to imperatives for climate change and sustainability. The Center for TOD is a partnership of Reconnecting America, the Center for Neighborhood Technology, and Strategic Economics. For more information go to CTOD's website at

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Transit-Oriented Development, or TOD, is typically defined as more compact development within easy walking distance of transit stations (typically a half mile) that contains a mix of uses such as housing, jobs, shops, restaurants and entertainment. TOD is about creating walkable, sustainable communities for people of all ages and incomes and providing more transportation and housing choices. These neighborhoods provide for a lifestyle that's convenient, affordable and active, and create places where our children can play and our parents can grow old comfortably.